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Proudly printing Community Newspapers and specialty publications for over 80 years.

Phone: 07-307 9562

*PIC: Adrianna Wahapango, Post Press Operator.

The power of print

Reading community newspapers or specialty publications is a truly tangible experience. Readers hold the product in their hands and take in what they can see with their eyes and mind fully emersed. 

There is simply no better way to get key messages and information into the minds and hearts of an audience and demonstrates so effectively the unique power of print. 

*PIC: BJ Seymour, Printer.

So much more than printing

From designing ads and laying out pages, to printing and inserting additional marketing material into publications, through to delivery of products when and where they need to be. We have got it covered! 

We work alongside customers to bring their community newspapers and specialty publications to life in print.

* PIC: Left: Jake Neal, Production Manager. Right: Brian Cornes, General Manager.

Contact us

Phone: 07-307 9562

* PIC: Shane Aramoana, Reel Hand.

That personal touch

Everything we print is special to our customers and to us. It is important that we take great care and pay special attention to every copy we produce. 

* PIC: Nathan Smith, Head Printer

Everything we do matters

From processing files, to printing and even how community newspapers and specialty publications are presented, bundled, and packaged for delivery, everything we do makes a difference. Our highly skilled and experienced team personally interacts with every copy we produce.

* PIC: Left: Awhi Hiwarau, Stacker. Right: Craig Bowden, Stacker.

Investing in our future

We are a family-owned business that has been publishing and printing community newspapers and specialty publications for over 80 years and we are just getting started.

We are proud to be supporting our people in their personal and professional development and have long provided opportunities to gain trade qualifications.

* PIC: Jonathan Walker, Apprentice Printer.

Latest generation

We operate Agfa’s latest generation software, workflow, imaging and printing plate systems and equipment as a key input to printing community newspapers and specialty publications. Agfa provides excellent backup that includes remote and onsite technical support whenever we need it. 

* PIC: Kaale Nu’u, Pre press Operator.

New Zealand’s most modern coldset printing press

In 2021, we completed the installation of our new coldset printing press, the culmination of a 3-year programme to modernise every aspect of our pre-press, printing, and post press operations. 

Our ManrolandGOSS Community Press is perfect for producing community newspapers and specialty publications and is the most modern printing press of its type in New Zealand. Our new printing press produces superb print quality, incredible colour reproduction and does so with minimal spoils and waste. 

* PIC: Brian Cornes, General Manager.

Have it your way

We can produce fantastic trimmed and/or stapled magazine style products thanks to our modern stitch and trim equipment which has been supplied and serviced by the original equipment manufacturer Muller Martini.

We can also insert magazine style publications, or other marketing material, into newspapers and other specialty publications with our inserter machine, also supplied and serviced by Muller Martini.

* PIC: Jaimee Nikora, Post-press Coordinator.

Contact us

Phone: 07-307 9562


* PIC: Ross Hati, Site Utility Operator.