Beacon Print is a commercial offset web printing company located in Whakatane

Utilising our Goss Community Press line, we are able to offer a variety of newspaper printing options.

Complementing our printing service, we also have the capability to stitch and trim publications, giving them a more professional finish. We can also insert supplementary advertising material into publications, to allow for combined distribution.

Our printing services don't stop there...as mentioned, we also print publications for customers nationwide - contact us to see how we can help you with your publication(s).

Beacon Print is a subsidiary company of The Beacon Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd.  We have been proudly publishing and printing community newspapers since 1939.


We can help to get your newspaper up and running
We believe in community newspapers and print as an enduring, trusted and unique means of conveying authentic and credible news, key messages and information.  We’d love to discuss how we can help you bring your newspaper to life, to get it published and how we can work alongside you as your print partner. Click here to make an enquiry.